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Your Heat Pump Needs Attention — Maintenance Tasks for You and the Pro

Does you heat pump need attention? Regular servicing of your HVAC equipment is essential to optimum performance and efficiency. Neglecting heat pump maintenance can result in up to 25 percent higher energy bills, as well as costly repairs to damaged parts inside your system. An experienced technician should be called in for routine maintenance at least once a year. However, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what areas of your system should be focused on. There are a few things you can check yourself before going ahead. They include:

  • Inspect your heat pump air filter every month, and replace it when it appears dirty. Replacement can be as frequently as every month, or as infrequently as twice a year, and depends on a variety of factors.Your Heat Pump Needs Attention -- Maintenance Tasks for You and the Pro
  • Clean indoor coils and fans, and inspect ducts for dirt and obstructions
  • Clean grass clippings, weeds, leaves and other debris from around the outdoor heat pump component (condensing unit/compressor), which may be restricting airflow.
  • Inspect your motors and belts for wear and tear.
  • Remember to clean return and supply registers around your home, and make sure they’re not blocked by rugs, furniture, drapes and other objects.

It is very important that the correct airflow level is maintained throughout your home to ensure the best possible comfort and efficiency of your heat pump system. A service technician can test airflow and pressure levels in your home and discover where there may be air leaks or blockages. Your duct system should have all air leaks sealed and should be sufficiently insulated.

Your service technician should also check that your refrigerant charge is correct. Don’t try to charge the refrigerant on your own, as an improper charge can cause a severe decrease in efficiency and comfort, ultimately resulting in damage to your equipment. You can also endanger yourself by working in close proximity to refrigerant.

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