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Arizona’s Monsoon Season Has Arrived–How Are You Weathering It?

Arizona’s monsoon season is soon making its yearly visit to the Yuma area but is your home protected? There are plenty of key changes or upgrades you can make around the home that will help keep you, your family and your residence safe from this yearly weather event. Learn how to protect yourself from Arizona’s monsoon season: 

Arizona's Monsoon Season Has Arrived--How Are You Weathering It?Air conditioner. Air conditioners (or swamp coolers) are a necessity in Arizona to combat the extreme dry heat. Proper air conditioner maintenance is therefore essential throughout the warm months, including during monsoon season. Inspect HVAC filters once a month and change them when they appear dirty. Ensure the A/C condensation line remains clear another key factor in preventative maintenance. Performing these measures will also save money on energy bills and having to replace the A/C prematurely.

Electrical equipment. During monsoon storms turn off electrical equipment you do not use frequently. This action puts less stress on your electric utility, as storms often result in power outages. Keep appliances, TVs and computers safe from storm damage with surge protectors.

Batteries. Replace all batteries in portable radios/televisions and flashlights. Pack these items in an “emergency kit” along with plenty of candles, matches, water bottles, blankets, first aid items, clothing, pet supplies and non-perishable food. Specialty items such as eyeglasses and medicine should also be included in the kit as well as an extra set of car keys.

Phones. Do not use land lines as these can cause shocks when lightening strikes. Use cell phones only in case of emergency during the thunderstorm. Keep your cell phone fully charged before a storm in case of an outage, and have a charger available in your car.

Storm drains. Keep roof drains free of debris, which will only add to roof damage during monsoon season. Clean clogged drains manually or by power-washing. Look for cracks and gaps in the roof as these can contribute to further damage during a storm. If you have a tile roof talk to a service professional about how to best protect it from monsoon storms.

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