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Your A/C Installation: Have You Found the Right Contractor?

With summer settling in in southwest Arizona, if you’re looking for a new A/C, you’d better get with the program before it gets any hotter. First you’ll want to find a reliable and skilled A/C installation contractor for the job. When hiring a contractor to install your new A/C system, you’ll want to cover a few key points with your installer before moving forward.

  • Your A/C installation contractor should explain the load calculation process for your home. Many factors go into this equation (among them the size and layout of your home, type of windows, insulation and airtightness, ventilation requirements, heat-producing appliances, and more). He can’t simply go by your home’s square footage or the size Your A/C Installation: Have You Found the Right Contractor?of your old equipment, as these are often incorrect. Make sure your A/C installation contractor uses the industry standard local calculation software Manual J during this process.

  • The A/C contractor should also review with you the performance data provided by the manufacturer of the new equipment that is being installed. Having the right size unit for your home is paramount when it comes to efficiency, cost of the system, and how well it will perform (bigger is not always better).

  • Be sure that the contractor performs a thorough inspection of the ductwork and thermostat in your home. Any air leaks in your ducts will result in poor energy efficiency and performance, and a malfunctioning thermostat will ruin whatever performance you’re hoping to get out of your new A/C. Ask your contractor to install a new smart programmable thermostat as part of the deal.

  • Make sure that the A/C installation contractor gives you copies of your owner’s manual, his warranty and the warranty provided by the equipment manufacturer.

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