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Your Split Air-Conditioning System: The 2 Sides Need to Work in Sync

With summer blazing away in southwest Arizona you’ll want to be secure in knowing that your split air-conditioning system is up to the challenge of keeping your home cool throughout the hot months. If you happen to own a split A/C system and one of its main components goes bad it’s critical to understand why it’s important to keep the system properly matched. Usually this will mean buying a whole new system rather than attempting to match the surviving old component with a new one.

As the name implies, a split air-conditioning system features two main components: an outdoor unit that houses the conYour Split Air-Conditioning System: The 2 Sides Need to Work in Syncdenser and compressor and an indoor cabinet that contains the evaporator and blower fan or air handler (sometimes as part of a furnace). The two units are specially engineered to work with each other to provide optimum comfort and efficiency. Most HVAC manufacturers sell these systems as a complete package to ensure these qualities.

Replacing just one of the two components may seem like an inexpensive solution, but the costs can add up later on. For starters the system won’t be able to cool efficiently and effectively as it is not ‘matched’. In a worst-case scenario one improperly matched component can cause undue stress and premature wear on the other, resulting in the early failure of the entire system.

With the latest split systems using non-ozone-depleting R-410A refrigerant, and older components engineered to use R-22, they’re really not compatible. The new refrigerant operates under higher pressure than R-22, so if you do try to match a new component with your old one, serious compatibility issues will arise. Even if the older component (probably the evaporator, since the outdoor unit usually fails before the indoor one does) can be upgraded to work with the new component, the system will not be able achieve the efficiency rating of a new matched component.

Despite the expense of replacing both indoor and outdoor units, using a matched system allows you to avoid future repair issues and enjoy the efficient comfort it’s designed to provide. Your HVAC technician can help you find the right matched split air-conditioning system that meets your home comfort needs.

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