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Variable Speed Air Handlers: What Advantages Do They Offer?

If you’re considering replacing your Yuma area home’s HVAC system, one of the best upgrades for our climate is an upgrade to the motor and fan that deliver conditioned air to the rooms in your home. Variable speed air handlers run differently than conventional single-speed air handlers, but their benefits are solid and will lower conditioning bills and increase comfort year-round. 

What Are They?Variable Speed Air Handlers: What Advantages Do They Offer?

As the name suggests, a variable speed air handler’s motor is programmed to run at different speeds. The conditioning cycle starts on low and if your home needs more heating or cooling, the system will ramp up to high. Most of the time, however, the system will run on at a low, continuous speed.

What Are the Benefits?

These air handlers have five specific benefits:

  1. Lowered energy consumption. The lower running speed requires less electricity, dropping electrical costs.
  2. Increased air quality. Because they run more slowly and continuously, more air goes through the air handler and is trapped on the air filter. Fewer airborne particulates in your home’s air improve its quality. Since the filter traps more dust, pollen and dander, it needs to be checked and changed more frequently, however.
  3. Increased comfort. The slower operating speed helps circulate the air better throughout your home. Previously uncomfortable rooms will feel warmer or cooler, since the air goes through the air handler for longer periods. You also won’t feel a blast of cold air in the winter coming from the ducts with this type of air handler.
  4. Quiet operation. The lower running speed means your home is quieter when the HVAC system runs. Anyone who has a bedroom close to the air handler won’t experience the frequent sudden start and stop noises that occur with a single-speed motor, which tends to short cycle frequently.
  5. Ability to zone your home. Zoning systems make it possible for you to condition your home by dividing it into separate areas, each with its own thermostat. If more than one zone needs conditioning, the air handler will ramp up to provide extra air flow, satisfying the demand for conditioned air. Zoning your home saves energy dollars, especially if you don’t use each area of your home continually.

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