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Did You Get Your Furnace Inspection? Do It Now and Include the A/C Before the Rush

You furnace works behind the scenes, keeping your home warm and comfortable on those chilly Yuma nights. To keep it running smoothly, and reduce unforeseen malfunctions and emergencies, your furnace should be inspected yearly. A furnace inspection can be part of a convenient maintenance contract, or a single appointment. Either way, the furnace needs inspected. And, since summer is not far around the corner, it’s a good time to get your A/C inspected, too.

Here are tasks that likely will be on your technician’s list when he visits your home to inspect your furnace:Did You Get Your Furnace Inspection? Do It Now and Include the A/C Before the Rush

  • He’ll check your thermostat, and advise you on ways to save energy while staying comfortable.
  • The furnace will be turned off and on to make sure its start-up and shut-down procedures are working right.
  • The inner mechanical parts of your furnace will be inspected visually, and the tech will measure the electrical current flowing through the system to ensure everything is operating in the correct range.
  • Dirt and dust around and inside the furnace will be removed.
  • All the belts will be tightened , and the lubricants that keep motors running smoothly will be topped off.
  • Burners will be checked for correct operation, as well as the pilot light or electrical ignition source.
  • Next in the furnace inspection, the technician will check your furnace’s drainage system and clear any blockages.
  • He will look for any leaks in ductwork near where it connects to your furnace, and seal them if necessary. A more comprehensive duct inspection may be included in the visit.
  • The heat exchanger will be inspected. This is important, because a cracked heat exchanger might not show itself immediately – meaning that lethal carbon monoxide gas could be leaking into your home (this is also why working CO detectors are essential in homes).
  • Your technician also will verify that the furnace’s exhaust and intake vents aren’t blocked or out of position, and that there aren’t any gas leaks around the furnace.
  • He’ll replace the old furnace filter, if necessary.

You A/C needs to be checked in the same thorough way, so go ahead and schedule both inspections at the same time – and next year, remember to have your furnace inspected before you turn it on for the season. To find out more details about a furnace inspection, please contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration & Electric Co. in Yuma.

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