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Keep Your Air Conditioner Cool this Summer with These 3 Maintenance Tips

When summer begins in Arizona, experiencing problems with your A/C system is definitely something you would not want to deal with. To ensure your air conditioner is always prepared to run smoothly and efficiently, regular maintenance is a must. A few preventative steps can keep major issues away, reducing repairing bills and increasing the efficiency of your system. Here’s what you can do yourself to ensure the proper functionality of your cooling equipment:

  • Inspect the outdoor units and clean them – if your home is equipped with HVAC units on the outsidKeep Your Air Conditioner Cool this Summer with These 3 Maintenance Tipse, weather conditions may cause dirt and debris to accumulate around or inside them. Before you begin cleaning any unit, make sure you turn off the device’s breaker to cut power and prevent any accidents. Begin by using a broom to remove leaves, dust, and other debris around the unit. Then, using a hand-brush, clean the top and sides of the device. You can also remove the top of the unit to clean any inside debris, but make sure you don’t damage the unit’s fins.

  • Verify the condensation lines and drain – these parts of your A/C system can also become clogged, disrupting the normal flow of the condensed water. To avoid this, make sure your lines are clean by placing a few drops of dish soap into the drains, then pouring approximately one gallon of water into the drain pan. If your system has a T-fitting, open the tip to evacuate the water. If there’s no T-fitting, remove the evaporator coil’s cover.

  • Change the air filters – if the filters haven’t been changed in a while, they may have become clogged with dirt, dust particles, animal hair, or other types of debris. By replacing them, you ensure better airflow, which increases efficiency and reduces bill costs.

If you need more advice on how to tend to your air conditioner or you need professional assistance with any HVAC-specific problems, contact our highly experienced technicians at Hansberger Refrigeration & Electric today. We have been providing high-quality services to homeowners in the Yuma area since 1952, and we would be glad to help you too.

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