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See What Wifi Thermostats Can Do

See What Wifi Thermostats Can DoHome automation has come a long way in the past few decades. From unlocking the front door from your bed to turning on lights around the house from across town or across the world, automation advances allow us more control at our fingertips. Added to these advancements recently are WiFi thermostats, which allow you to remotely change your thermostat’s settings and programming.

Energy Efficiency

Stuck out of town a couple more days? Use your smartphone to keep the furnace in energy-saving mode for that much longer. Much like a programmable thermostat, WiFi thermostats allow you to program your home’s temperature on a regular cycle, allowing you to save energy by maintaining a comfort level when it matters and allowing the system to use a more energy-efficient mode when it doesn’t.

You’ll want to research the specifications. One company in Texas is giving away WiFi thermostats to their customers, but they get to keep control of when your air conditioning is on or off during peak power demand. Another has a plus-minus 3-degree variability from the set point to optimize energy savings.

Remote Access

The difference between a programmable and a WiFi thermostat is that WiFi thermostats allow you a much wider level of access from across town or across the world, using your home’s WiFi system to access the set schedules and temperatures. Instead of having to set the thermostat at the wall panel, you can use a smartphone, tablet or computer with a network connection to fine-tune changes.

Kids having an impromptu pool party for 50? Use your office computer to make sure the air conditioning is still comfortable when you get off work. Some systems will even alert you when it senses that your WiFi connection or power have gone out at home, allowing you to deal with the problem at the time, instead of having to deal with a cold house after a long day in the office.

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