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Air Balancing 101: What is it and How it Helps Your System

Air Balancing 101: What is it and How it Helps Your SystemAir balancing is the process of measuring the performance of your air-conditioning or heating system and making any adjustments needed to achieve the right amount of air flow to each room in the home. There are actually several different tests that are done to measure performance, starting with the use of air balancing hoods which are placed over each grille to sense the level of air flow.

Performance Tests

System pressures are measured by manometers, which use a column of liquid to measure pressure at a given point. Temperature and humidity are measured by hygrometers, and the results of all these readings throughout the home are accumulated and analyzed in total.

How your system can be helped

When results have been obtained, a system technician can determine where there is an air flow problem, and decide how best to handle the situation. Since the overall effectiveness of any heating or air conditioning system is dependent on effective air flow, all ducts must be clear and passing air freely.

By pinpointing where there might be a blockage, a technician can balance and repair any bottlenecks that impede performance. Ideally, this leads to all rooms having the same temperature, the same balanced air flow, and usually an energy savings as well, since air being pushed by the blower motor is no longer being blocked.

Air balancing technicians

As routine and normal as this whole air balancing process sounds, there are relatively few technicians who are trained and certified to do it correctly. Many of those who are certified to conduct this kind of testing are on the staffs of heating and air conditioning companies, and are available to assist homeowners with an audit of heating and air conditioning efficiency.

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