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6 Energy-Saving Myths That Could Be Costing You

With the vast amount of information bombarding us through both digital and print media, it’s sometimes difficult to discern truth from myth. When it comes to saving energy, how we use it and when we use it is what really lowers our energy costs. These six energy-saving myths are a good example of that.

  1. Leaving lights on uses less energy than turning them off and on. The only thing gained by leaving lights6 Energy-Saving Myths That Could Be Costing You on is convenience, and if that’s important to you, auto-sensors can be installed that turn lights on and off as you move from room to room.
  2. Electronics don’t waste energy in standby mode. If your TV, appliance or computer has “instant on” technology or a clock/timer feature, it uses energy while waiting on you. These energy vampires can be plugged into power bars that can be switched off or on as needed.
  3. Space heaters use less energy than keeping the furnace running. As the seasons change, it’s a popular myth to save on energy costs by using a space heater on those chill mornings or evenings. The fact is, electric heaters use a lot of electricity and are far more expensive to run than systems using oil or natural gas. If it’s just one room, that’s OK, but don’t try to heat a larger part of your home with an appliance designed to heat a small space.
  4. Closing off vents to unused rooms saves on energy costs. It almost makes sense, but HVAC systems are generally carefully balanced and will expend more energy if the circulation of air is blocked in certain areas.
  5. Solar panels don’t gather energy on cloudy days. Even though diffused, solar energy is still present and absorbed in the panels during all daylight hours.
  6. Keeping the thermostat at a constant temperature is cheaper than turning it off and on when needed. While this is one of those energy-saving myths that’s often argued, it’s cheaper to bring your home to a comfortable temperature when needed than maintaining that temp while sleeping or away from home. You do want to maintain a minimal level of heating or cooling during extreme outside temperatures, however.

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