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It Could Happen at Any Time: Common Air Conditioner Problems

If you’re like most people who live in the Yuma area, you rely on your air conditioner (A/C) to work properly for most of the year. Whether you have a whole-house (central) or a room A/C, it’s important to understand the common problems you might face so you can spot them quickly before they turn into something more serious. Here are some of the ones to look out for:

The Failure of Electric ControlsIt Could Happen at Any Time: Common Air Conditioner Problems

As time goes on, the fan and compressor controls can wear out on your system. Those that cycle on and off frequently – usually as a result of being oversized – are especially prone to this problem.

Issues with Drainage

Sometimes the condensate drain can get clogged, which can result in water damage and excessive indoor humidity. Room air conditioners that aren’t properly mounted tend to have drainage problems regularly. Simply cleaning the clog should fix the problem.

Refrigerant Leaks

If your A/C is low on refrigerant, something a professional generally detects during an inspection, your equipment could have been undercharged at the time it was installed, or it could be leaking. Exposed refrigerant is harmful to the environment, and if leaked to the ground, can be a danger to animals. An A/C system with the wrong refrigerant level will run inefficiently and eventually malfunction or break down. Any leaks should be found and repaired immediately.

Inadequate Maintenance

If your air conditioning system is not properly maintained on a regular basis, it can result in the need for more frequent repairs, premature failure, reduced efficiency and/or comfort problems. To avoid breakdowns and other problems, inspect your A/C’s filter monthly and change it when it looks dirty. Also, clean the A/C’s inside and outside coils at least annually if you feel comfortable performing that task. In any event, you’ll want to schedule a yearly maintenance appointment with your HVAC technician.

If you identify one of these common air conditioning problems, it’s imperative that you schedule an service call with a trusted service provider as soon as possible.

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