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Mystified About a Manufacturer’s Warranty? This Advice Will Guide You

When your new heating and/or cooling unit is installed, it will come with something known as manufacturer’s warranty. This sounds like a good idea. You might assume that if anything goes wrong with your A/C, heat pump or furnace, your warranty entitles you free repairs or replacement. You couldn’t be further from the truth!

Demystifying Manufacturer’s Warranty

As a homeowner, you buy your heating and air conditioning system from a distributor, who gets it from the manufactuMystified About a Manufacturer's Warranty? This Advice Will Guide Yourer. Usually, you will get a parts-only warranty. Under the terms and conditions of this warranty, if a part develops a fault and needs repair or replacement, you will have to shell out for the diagnosis of the problem and labor to replace or repair the problem. This can work out to be quite expensive, even though there is a manufacturer’s warranty.

What You Can Do?

When you buy a new HVAC system, read the manufacturer’s warranty. Understand what the warranty offers you. If you find the language too technical, ask the distributor to explain it to you. This really is important, as you will then have details about what the warranty covers and how you’ll be affected should your air conditioning or heating equipment develop a problem.

Check various online resources to find out more about the distributor. There are many distributors who offer extended warranties that go beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Look for a distributor who offers full coverage for the HVAC system, as it’s only then that you will save money should anything go wrong.

Always get a licensed contractor to install your cooling or heating system. Also, make sure the contractor offers some kind of guarantee for his work. This will protect you and take care of repairs and replacements if your system needs either during the warranty period.

The good news is that most cooling and heating systems are quite resilient and technologically advanced nowadays. That’s why they hardly ever develop faults and problems during the manufacturer’s warranty period. This is why customers seldom have to use the warranty.

If your air conditioning or heating system develops a problem while it’s still under the manufacturer’s warranty period, please contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Co. Or if you’re shopping for a new system, we can explain all of your options with regard to warranties.

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