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Advantages of Walk-In Coolers for Your Facility

The advantages of walk-in coolers extend to convenience, operating costs and flexibility. In any facility where large-capacity cold storage is required, energy costs of cooling are one of the major expenditures. Attempting to adapt consumer refrigeration to commercial use means a facility is often disadvantaged by the ongoing performance and efficiency shortfalls of less-than-commercial-grade technology. Upgrading your equipment allows your facility to access the advantages of walk-in coolers and benefit from technology engineered to higher commercial specifications than consumer equipment. These are some of the advantages you’ll realize by moving up to a walk-in cooler:

  • Room to spare. When you’re storing perishables, adequate cooler space is a necessity, not a luxury. Walk-in coolersAdvantages of Walk-In Coolers for Your Facility are generally larger than dedicated freezers. Sizes range from as small as 15 cubic feet to over 400,000 square feet. Multi-level walk-in units are also marketed for large facilities.
  • Industrial strength. Walk-in coolers incorporate extruded styrene and foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation to resist heat transfer and maintain the level of temperature control required for a commercial cold storage application. Exteriors are typically fabricated of stainless steel or galvanized aluminum. Walls vary from 3.5 to 4 inches thick for typical walk-in coolers.
  • Cooling power. Smaller walk-in coolers may utilize a 1/2-horsepower compressor to sustain a 35-degree temperature. A walk-in freezer will use a one-horsepower or larger compressor to keep temperatures as low as 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.
  • Higher technology. Some coolers integrate Bluetooth connectivity to alert operaters if temperatures exceed or drop below settings. Interior motion detectors turn lights on and off to reduce power consumption. Temperature recording systems aid compliance with FDA cold-storage guidelines.
  • Safety and security. Professional walk-in storage incorporates heavy-grade hinges, inside door releases and deadbolt door locks to control access where necessary.

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