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Two-Stage Cooling Is Just Right for Yuma

The climate in Southwest Arizona carries unique heating and air conditioning concerns that simply do not exist in much of the rest of the nation. Low humidity and high temperatures require heavy-duty cooling for much of the year, but you can get away with a lower-output A/C for the remainder. For just this reason, a two-stage cooling system is ideal for Yuma and the surrounding area.

How It WorksTwo-Stage Cooling Is Just Right for Yuma

A two-stage cooling system uses two distinct modes of cooling for either a heat pump or an air conditioner, which adjust the system’s workload according to cooling needs. During the cooler months and in the hours that cooling needs are minimal, the low stage (about 65 percent of full high-speed operating) can be used, but the 100 percent stage is available when it gets excessively hot outside. The best part is that you do not have to do anything extra once the system is installed. The system and its thermostat determine how much effort to put into cooling your home. Some of the benefits of a two-stage cooling system include:

  • Lower energy costs
  • More stable temperatures
  • Greater humidity control in areas and during times when this is necessary
  • Improved air quality from the near continuous operation in the lower stage

Secondary Benefits

In addition to the functional benefits of having a two-stage cooling system installed, there are monetary incentives for making the switch. Federal as well as state-funded incentives may sweeten the deal for those who install systems with a SEER rating of 15 or higher. Federal programs provide tax breaks while state programs administered through the electric company provide rebates, both of which can offset a substantial portion of your upfront installation costs.

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