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A/C Performance on the Fritz? What to Do Before Phoning a Professional

When your A/C performance isn’t up to par this summer, it’s likely you’ll know it quickly enough. The amount of cooling homes need in the Yuma area is among the highest in the country. If your home is heating up and your cooling system isn’t delivering the comfort it used to, check for these issues before calling in a pro:A/C Performance on the Fritz? What to Do Before Phoning a Professional

  • Ductwork. Ducts can separate or develop leaks at any age. If one part or room in your home is heating up, check the airflow coming from the registers. If it’s inadequate, look for ductwork leaks. A dusty area near the ductwork runs, usually located in the attic, also indicates a leak. If you feel confident sealing them, use mastic sealant or metal tape. Duct tape won’t hold very long with the high heat in our region.
  • Dirty air filter. A dirty filter can reduce airflow through the air handler. If it’s heavily covered with dust, the air conditioner or heat pump may stop running altogether. A clogged filter increases energy consumption and may allow dust or dirt to cover parts inside the air handler, particularly the evaporator coil. When the dust covers the coil, it acts as insulation and slows the heat exchange process, making it harder to cool your home.
  • Frozen evaporator coil. A dirty coil can freeze over and reduce A/C performance. If the system doesn’t turn off, the frost will continue to build. Running it with a frozen coil can harm the condenser to the point where it needs replacement. Turn it off until the frost melts. If it freezes over repeatedly, you’ll need an HVAC technician to diagnose and fix the problem.
  • Low refrigerant. If your system has a refrigerant leak or the refrigerant level was inadequate to start with, it won’t cool as it should. It may even cause the coil to freeze over, stopping the cooling process altogether.

The pros at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric can help you improve A/C performance through routine maintenance and an evaluation of your cooling system. We’ve proudly provided HVAC services for Yuma area homeowners since 1952.

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