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Your HVAC System is Not That Complex — Get Basic Understanding of the Parts

The HVAC system in your Yuma area home has a number of components, and the efficiency of each part depends on that of the others. Maintaining these four major components of your air conditioner, furnace and/or heat pump is essential for system longevity, a high level of comfort and lower energy bills.


The “V” in “HVAC” stands for ventilation, or the movement of air. The ventilation components of your HVAC systems include the air return registers, blower assembly, ductwork and supply registers, along with vents, windows and stand-alone ventilation equipment.Your HVAC System is Not That Complex -- Get Basic Understanding of the Parts

  • The air return registers supply air to the system, which removes the heat from the air or adds heat to it. Inadequate or obstructed air returns compromise air flow, which reduces the overall efficiency of the HVAC system.
  • The blower assembly brings the air into the unit and blows it through the ductwork. A dirty fan or motor can compromise the efficiency of the blower assembly, resulting in inadequate heating and cooling, as well as higher energy bills and potential system damage.
  • Ductwork should be properly sized and well-sealed. No matter how efficient your HVAC systems, improperly sized or leaky ductwork will increase your energy bills and lower your comfort level.
  • Supply registers should be unobstructed to ensure the conditioned air is properly distributed through your rooms, as well as to ensure optimum air flow for the system.


If your thermostat isn’t working properly, the system won’t heat and cool your home efficiently. During your annual maintenance visit, the technician will check the accuracy of the thermostat to ensure it controls the system properly. He may recommend a programmable model for greater energy efficiency.

Air Filters

As the air moves into your HVAC equipment through the return registers, it passes through the air filter, which removes dust and pollutants to improve your indoor air quality and protect the interior of your system against dirt and grime buildup, which can damage essential components and cause their premature failure. Regular filter changes are essential for the overall efficiency of your systems.

The Equipment Itself

Your HVAC equipment, whether you use an A/C or heat pump or furnace, should be tuned up yearly by a certified professional. This way, they’ll work optimally with all the other components of efficient and comfortable cooling and heating.

For more information about how the parts of your HVAC systems work together, or to schedule a system-wide tune-up, please contact us in the Yuma area at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.

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