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With These Weatherization Tips, Your Home Will Be Efficient the Rest of the Summer and into the Fall

We often think of weatherization as a fall task to prepare us for colder weather, but in a hot, dry climate like Yuma, weatherizing your home is a task with year-round importance. Sealing air leaks is essential for optimum HVAC efficiency because no matter how efficient your system the infiltration of unconditioned air will make it work harder to keep you comfortable. The result is undue wear on your system and higher energy bills associated with cooling your home. These weatherization tips will help you increase your comfort while considerably lowering your energy bills.With These Weatherization Tips, Your Home Will Be Efficient the Rest of the Summer and into the Fall

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the most common and prolific sites for air leaks.

  • Caulk around the stationary components.
  • Install weatherstripping between the parts that move.
  • Install a door sweep along the bottoms of exterior doors..
  • Close window shades during the day to keep warm or cold air out.
  • Opt for high-efficiency windows and doors when replacement is imminent.
  • Make sure that each window has a screen to keep bugs out so that you can open windows on nice days to help ventilate your home and improve air quality.

The Attic

Shore up attic insulation to keep your rooms more comfortable year round. In the summer, attic temperatures can reach upwards of 160 degrees, which heats up the whole house.

  • Strive for 15 inches of insulation with a rating of R-38 for optimum air sealing and to prevent summertime heat gain.
  • Seal the attic hatch with weatherstripping.

Service Entrances

Pipes, wires and vents that penetrate exterior walls are a common source of air leaks. Seal larger gaps with expandable foam caulk and smaller ones with regular silicone caulk.

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