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Why is Your Circuit Breaker Tripping?

Electrical problems in your home are always concerning, and if your circuit breaker is tripping on a regular basis, you may be worried that it’s signaling a bigger problem. It might be something you can deal with yourself, or you may need to call in a professional to fix the issue.

A circuit breaker is basically a safety device that protects your electrical system from an overload. The main cause of a circuit breaker tripping is an overload that means too much power is being drawn from one appliance or part of your house. YWhy is Your Circuit Breaker Tripping?ou may have plugged in an extra appliance, such as a hair dryer, that caused the problem. Sometimes using two heat-producing appliances at the same time can cause your breaker to trip. Having a microwave plugged in near a toaster is a common culprit.

If you can’t identify an appliance that‘s causing the issue, and it seems to be a fairly recent occurrence, it’s possible that an inefficient or damaged appliance could be the cause of your circuit breaker tripping. Or you may have a short in the wiring caused by a weak or damaged wire. In either of these cases, you might want to call a professional to have it checked out. An energy evaluation can be conducted to pinpoint the problem.

To properly reset your circuit breaker, turn off the appliances connected to the breaker, then push the switch on the breaker to the off position. Push the breaker to the off position again to make sure it seats in that position. Then flip the switch back to the on position. If you continue to experience your circuit breaker tripping, or you’re not able to properly reset it to the on position, make a service call and have a professional look at it. If you suspect you’re A/C or heat pump is causing the problem, that can be checked out, as well.

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