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Basic Electricity Safety Tips for Kids

Electrical outlets and wires are two common hazards that parents in the Yuma area need to be vigilant about. In fact, roughly seven children per day in the U.S. require emergency care after suffering from electrical shocks or burns from wall outlets, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International

Share the following electricity safety tips with your kids to help keep them safe in your home and neighborhood:Basic Electricity Safety Tips for Kids

  • Never yank a cord. Tugging on an electrical cord to unplug something can damage the cord or outlet, raising the risk of electrical shocks.
  • Ask an adult. When kids want to use a device that needs to be plugged in, they should find an adult to plug and unplug it for them. They can also ask an adult to cover all of the unused outlets with safety caps to prevent accidental shocks.
  • Never use anything electric near water. Electricity and water are a dangerous combination that can result in serious and potentially life-threatening shocks. Electronic items should never be used near water.
  • Don’t plug too much in one outlet. Plugging in too many items in an outlet or an extension cord can lead to a fire.
  • Keep cords out of the way. Electrical cords shouldn’t be in a spot where pets can play with or chew on them or where people may trip over them.
  • Stay away from electrical substations. Don’t go near them or climb fences around them to get a ball or other object. An adult can have the local electric company fetch it safely.
  • Watch for power lines. Look for power lines before climbing up a tree, and remind parents to keep an eye out for them when using outdoor tools and equipment.
  • Keep kites away from electricity. Don’t fly kites near substations or power lines because they attract electricity, which increases the risk of electrical shocks.

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