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Exhaust Fan Basics – How Do They Work?

In Yuma, we understand heat.  With summer high temperatures averaging close to 100 degrees, not many residents don’t understand the importance of air conditioning. But do you know the role that exhaust fans play in keeping you cool?

Understanding exhaust fan basics can help ensure your home equipment is doing what it should. So, how do they work?

Exhaust Fan Basics – How Do They Work?Pulling the Hot Air Out and the Cold Air In.

An exhaust fan’s primary function is to exhaust hot air while pulling cold air into a room or larger area. When the fan turns on, the blades turn and the rotation and angle of the blades help to draw the hot air toward the fan where it can be expelled – or exhausted – out of the room. At the same time, cooler and fresher air enters the area where the hot air has been expelled.

Starts With the Thermostat.

Some exhaust systems are governed by a thermostat that causes the fan to turn on when the area reaches a set high temperature. This helps keep the system operating efficiently since the fan isn’t running constantly. The fan will continue to turn until the temperature in the area drops to a certain point.

The Importance of Proper Placement.

Since hot air rises, the closer the fan is to the ceiling of the area being exhausted, the better. Placement also helps the efficiency of overall cooling – if the fan is placed too low, it’s difficult to exhaust the hot air above it. Proper placement is key to exhaust fan basics.

Proper Ventilation.

With the exhausted stale air, exhaust fans also help to remove humidity and particulates that degrade indoor air quality. Your garage needs an exhaust fan to help eliminate petroleum and other dangerous fumes from that area. To ensure their effectiveness, all fans must be set up to vent properly.

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