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3 Everyday Freezer Maintenance Tips

In Southwest Arizona more than anywhere, it’s important your freezer work properly throughout our long hot season. With regular freezer maintenance, frozen foods are preserved and available for thawing at the right time.

Biannual Cleaning

Cleaning the interior of your freezer twice a year helps eliminate expired food, reduces odors and improves energy efficiency. There’s no need to unplug the unit. Move all the frozen food to a cooler, and then wipe down shelves and walls with a3 Everyday Freezer Maintenance Tips cloth dipped in a mixture of water and dish soap. Rinse the soap out with a plain water cloth and allow it to dry completely before returning the food. Clean the door seal with a credit card wrapped in a cloth dipped in soapy water, and worked through the grooves. Make sure there’s a fresh box of baking soda in the freezer to eliminate and prevent odors.

Annual Vacuum

Once a year, thoroughly vacuum the condenser coils as part of your freezer maintenance. Over time, dust accumulates on the coils, prevents the smooth operation of the motor, and can lead to a unit failure. To reach the coils at the back, move the fridge out from the wall. For units with front coils, snap off the lower grill below the door. Unplug the freezer for safety, and then use the brush attachment on the vacuum to remove the dust. Ensure proper air circulation by keeping three inches of space between the unit’s sides and one inch between the wall and the back.

Proper Temperature

Zero degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for a freezer, but how can you tell if there’s only a dial with no temperature label? To measure the temperature of a freezer without a digital read-out, place a thermometer in a cup of vegetable oil and leave it in your freezer overnight. If you adjust the temperature and it’s still not at zero, inspect the fridge for air leaks. Ensure your freezer performs at its best efficiency by keeping it full and away from the stove, dishwasher and direct sunlight.

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