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Why Having a NATE-Certified Technician is Important

Whether you are having your Yuma area home’s HVAC system serviced or installed by an HVAC contractor, having a NATE-Certified technician perform the service is a good way to ensure that the work is done right, the first time. 

What is NATE certification? NATE is a certification organization owned and operated by the heating, ventilation and air Why Having a NATE Certified Technician is Importantconditioning(HVAC) industry. It works with manufacturers to develop training and certification curriculum for HVAC technicians. NATE works with HVAC contractors to help them offer better service to their customers.

Most HVAC contractors try to only hire experienced technicians, it only makes sense to do so, but by using NATE certified technicians, they have a better chance of hiring people with the know how to get the job done. They are tested on a wide variety of systems. HVAC companies aren’t required to only use technicians that have obtained NATE certification, so those that do are going the extra mile for their customers,.

Surveys have shown that NATE-Certified technicians have fewer call backs, and less warranty work on systems that they install or maintain. These technicians are also trained in how to properly size the equipment that is being installed in your home.

For more information about having a NATE-Certified Technician perform maintenance or installation on your HVAC system, or other home comfort related questions, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We have been proudly serving the Yuma area for over 50 years.

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