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Carbon Monoxide Basics for Your Yuma Home

With winter approaching quickly, it is time to get down to some carbon monoxide basics and what you can do to prevent illness or death from this silent killer. By not taking preventive measures in advance, you can be overcome by this colorless and odorless gas. 

Carbon monoxide is derived from the inefficient burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline, wood, charcoal, and coal. Carbon monoxide can also be created from the exhaust of internal combustion engines from autos and gas powered ma12.11.14_146685311_Creationschines as well as home appliances like a gas burning stove or water heater.

Recognizing Potential Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Part of learning carbon monoxide basics is recognizing the symptoms associated with poisoning. According the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, carbon monoxide poisoning can mimic the flu or cold, but without the fever. Those symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Mental confusion

Inhaling high levels of carbon monoxide can be deadly if undetected. This silent killer enters the bloodstream through the lungs and blocks red blood cells from absorbing oxygen.


The first steps you should take as a homeowner is to employ common sense along with a foundation in knowledge of the sources of carbon monoxide. These carbon monoxide basics include not operating internal combustion powered machines such as generators in enclosed spaces such as your garage.

Other precautions should include being mindful of not using portable fuel burning equipment such as camp stoves and heaters indoors. Consider having regular maintenance on your home furnace and gas appliances to reduce the risk of gas leaks.


Recommendations by the Consumer Product Safety Commission include installing carbon monoxide detectors in the hallways of your home near bedrooms. Properly installed carbon monoxide detectors should receive regular testing to check the battery and to ensure they are working properly. Early detection of carbon monoxide is the best prevention of an unneeded tragedy in your Yuma area home.

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