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Steps to Take When Repairing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Running the exhaust fan in your bathroom is important in preventing household mold problems. If your fan is broken, seek a repair technician as soon as possible, so you don’t have to deal with cleaning up excess mold. Here’s how a technician can repair your bathroom exhaust fan:

Dead MotorSteps to Take When Repairing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Before jumping to the conclusion that your motor needs to be replaced, your technician will remove the exhaust fan grille and inspect the wiring. He’ll reset your bathroom breaker and ensure everything is connected properly. If there’s still no life in your exhaust fan, the technician will get new parts and complete the replacement safely and successfully.

Running Motor, But No Air Suction

To test whether a noisy bathroom exhaust fan is moving air at all, hold a single sheet of toilet paper up to the grille. If there isn’t enough airflow to hold the square in place, something could be blocking your exhaust line.

Your technician will first clean any dust and lint from your system’s grille, motor and blow wheel. This accumulation could be to blame for the problem. If the airflow is still mediocre, your technician can take further steps to clear out your exhaust lines.

Extra Loud Operation

If your exhaust fan suddenly develops the bad habit of running loudly, several things could be going wrong. Your motor could be loose from its housing and vibrating against the metal cover. A warped or broken fan blade could unbalance your machine, generating more noise than usual. Or, an internal problem could be causing the racket.

To fix the problem, your technician will inspect your motor to determine the precise cause. He’ll then make the corresponding repair or replace your motor. When it comes to repairing a bathroom exhaust fan, relying on a professional technician is the best way to go. You can perform some visual inspections yourself to determine what the general problem might be, but for your safety and a job well done, it’s best to leave the repairs to a pro.

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