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Important Maintenance Tips for Walk-In Freezers

The walk-in freezer on your property is probably an important component of your everyday operation. However, it’s easy to ignore your freezer’s compressor, condenser and evaporator coils until something goes wrong. However, to avoid inefficient operation and the high costs associated with broken equipment and spoiled food, follow these walk-in freezer maintenance tips.Important Maintenance Tips for Walk-In Freezers

Check and Adjust Defrost Settings

Over time, moisture in the air will freeze onto your evaporator coils, decreasing heat transfer efficiency and causing the compress to overwork. Evaporators have a defrost cycle that melts the ice. Regularly check the settings for proper cycling to improve cooling efficiency and prevent damaging the evaporator coil.

Clean the Condensate Drain Pan

Ideally, melted ice should drain out of the freezer. If algae growth blocks the drain, any water that’s trapped inside can cause significant structural damage. Keep an eye out for ice stalactites and stalagmites in your freezer. This is a sign you should act fast if you want to avoid an expensive repair.

Ensure Proper Ventilation Around the Condenser

This component removes heat from your walk-in freezer. If the condenser is located in an enclosed space with poor airflow, it’s forced to work harder, raising operational costs and leading to premature breakdown.

Make sure the condenser has openings around it for cooling air intake and exhaust. A fan may be required to move the air more effectively. If heating is required elsewhere, such as in a nearby dry storage room, controls can be installed to direct airflow there. If not, the exhaust heat should be vented to the exterior.

Check and Clean the Condenser Coil

Dust and debris on the condenser has the same negative effects as ice buildup on the evaporator coil. Heat transfer efficiency suffers and airflow is restricted, causing the compressor to run longer and harder. Fortunately, regular inspection and cleaning can keep the coil in good condition.

Check Door Gaskets

A poor seal can result in temperature fluctuations that spoil food and increase operational costs. It’s important to replace damaged seals without delay.

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