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Air Quality 101: 5 Indoor Allergy Triggers in Your Yuma Home

When you think of allergies, grass and pollen probably come to mind. However, indoor allergy triggers can irritate your nose and throat just as badly as pollen. Take a look at five common allergy triggers that could be lurking inside your Yuma home:

  • Dust: The substances that make up dust – skin particles, dirt, insect droppings, textile fibers and animaAir Quality 101: 5 Indoor Allergy Triggers in Your Yuma Homel matter – are all indoor allergy triggers.
  • Dust mites: These microscopic insects feed on the contents found in dust and thrive at temperatures above 70 degrees. Your home is the perfect environment for dust mites to thrive. The highest concentration of dust mites can be found in bedding, carpeting, upholstered furniture and bath rugs.
  • Mold: Places with high humidity and organic materials, such as showers, tubs and basements, are perfect for mold growth. Once a colony takes hold, it sends spores into the air, which can trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.
  • Pet dander: Contrary to popular belief, you’re not actually allergic to dog or cat hair — you’re allergic to the animal’s saliva. In fact, even if you don’t have a pet, dander can still get into your home. Because it’s very light and sticky, it can attach to your clothes and trigger your allergies.
  • Cockroaches: Like dust mites, cockroaches love indoor environments. However, their saliva and feces can cause allergic reactions. These insects are particularly prevalent in southern homes.

While you can control allergies by cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and washing your bedding weekly, one of the most effective ways to deal with indoor allergy triggers is to install an air purification system. This replaces the standard media filter in your ductwork and destroys all three classes of contaminants that pass through, including particles, biological pollutants and chemical vapors. It’s time to breathe easier with a new air purifier in your home.

To learn more about countering indoor allergy triggers, or to have an air purification system installed, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company in Yuma today.

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