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Great Tips for Reducing Wasted Energy in Commercial Buildings

Wasted energy can drive your already substantial commercial energy bills even higher. If your energy expenses are too high and there are sources of energy waste in your commercial facility, you can use some or all of the following techniques to help reduce wasted energy in your commercial buildings.

Boost the building’s seal: An airtight building is much less likely to have air leaks that can waste conditioned air, enGreat Tips for Reducing Wasted Energy in Commercial Buildingsergy and money. You can improve your building’s seal by finding and sealing cracks, gaps, holes and other openings that allow conditioned air to escape and seasonal outdoor air to get in.

Make sure to caulk around doors and window frames and to put weatherstripping on doors and windows. If needed, you should also add more insulation to walls, floors, ceilings, attics, and basements.

Put in high-efficiency HVAC equipment: High-efficiency cooling and heating systems can provide excellent indoor comfort at a much lower energy cost. You can replace older, less-efficient equipment with modern high-efficiency models by looking for cooling systems with high SEER ratings and heating equipment with high AFUE ratings. In many cases, high-efficiency HVAC systems can pay for themselves within a few years.

Use energy-saving technologies: Newer technologies can further enhance HVAC system performance. You can install programmable thermostats to give you more control over HVAC systems, and use energy-saving light fixtures and LED lighting or fluorescent bulbs instead of standard incandescent bulbs.

Put together an energy use plan: Lastly, devise an energy use plan to conserve energy. Such a plan can include simple measures, such as turning off lights that aren’t in use, unplugging energy-consuming devices that aren’t being used and keeping thermostats set to seasonally appropriate temperatures.

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