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Call a Professional If You Hear These Air Conditioner Sounds

Call a Professonal If You Hear These Air Conditioner SoundsGiven how uncomfortable the Yuma summer is without cooling, unusual air conditioner sounds can quickly make you nervous. Not all sounds indicate an imminent breakdown, but there are a few that mean your system needs immediate professional care.

Screeches and Squeals

Screeches coming from your motor usually mean a worn or slipping fan belt. Replacing the belt will take care of the problem. If you have an older motor that isn’t sealed, it may be squealing because it needs lubrication. These are both jobs you can do yourself if you’re familiar with air conditioner maintenance. If not, contact an HVAC technician.

Thumps, Bangs and Rattles

Among the more unsettling air conditioner sounds, thumping and banging noises from the indoor component typically mean a component is loose. A loose motor mount is a common cause. Shut the system down immediately and call an experienced technician to prevent the component from completely disconnecting and possibly breaking. A softer rattling noise may be caused by worn bearings in the motor; a cooling expert can replace these for you.

Ongoing Clicking Sounds

Clicking sounds are normal when your system kicks on or shuts down, but they shouldn’t continue while the system’s running. If they’re coming from the thermostat or outdoor unit, the source is likely a defective rely. Electrical problems can also cause a relay to malfunction.

Flapping or “Thwapping” Sounds

Something stuck in or hitting the blower fan blades will produce a noise similar to that of a card stuck in the spokes of a bicycle wheel. This usually doesn’t constitute an emergency, but it does stress the motor, reduce its  efficiency and cause premature wear. For that reason, have the motor inspected as soon as possible.

Noises From the Outdoor Unit

Rattling noises coming from this unit mean something’s loose or the motor is failing. A loud hum could also mean trouble with the motor or a failing capacitor. A screaming noise suggests a failing compressor.

If you’re hearing any of these air conditioner sounds, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company in the Yuma area.

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