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Summer Energy Conservation Tips for Businesses

Summer Energy Conservation Tips for BusinessesHow savvy are you at saving energy in the workplace? Most of us realize how important little things can be when it comes to lowering utility bills at home, but many of the same practices can and should be used in the workplace. If you own a business, you owe it to yourself to start training your employees to learn these energy conservation tips for businesses.


Lights account for a major portion of your utility expenses. Not only should you make sure lights are turned off when employees leave for the day, but you should also go for the most efficient type of lighting when it’s time to replace fixtures.

Get rid of incandescent lamps and replace them with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), which can last as much as 10 times longer. Be sure to turn off lights that aren’t needed; you may find overhead lights are superfluous if task-specific lighting is provided. Keep bulbs clean, and light will be increased without costing you more. Install occupancy sensors to turn off lights when a room isn’t occupied.


When replacing old office equipment, try to purchase equipment with the government’s Energy Star label whenever possible. This program certifies it’s been tested and meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s rigorous standards for efficiency.

Make sure equipment is turned off overnight and on weekends. Invest in “smart” power strips that sense the presence of individuals and turn off the equipment when no one’s there. Whenever possible, use all-in-one machines, such as a copier/scanner/printer rather than three individual machines.

HVAC System

Make sure maintenance on the HVAC system is up-to-date so that it runs efficiently. If you’re replacing the HVAC system, insist that the professional installer uses industry software for sizing rather than guesswork. A system that’s too small or too large won’t work efficiently. Install programmable thermostats and set efficient temperatures for summer and winter. Lock the covers so that employees don’t move the thermostat. Also, be sure to change filters regularly.

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