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Learn About 3 Common A/C Condensate Drain Issues

Learn About 3 Common A/C Condensate Drain IssuesSometimes HVAC problems occur no matter how much time you spend and preventive maintenance you provide the system. The A/C condensate drain is one area you’ll want to keep a close eye on for potential problems. Following are three common A/C condensate drain issues to watch out for.

Foul Odors

Foul odors are signs of existing or impending condensate drain issues. Musty smells indicate the presence of mold growth in the cooling system, which could be on the evaporator coil, fins, condensate pan, drain tube or all of the above. Give your A/C a good cleaning with a foaming coil cleaner and pour a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water into the condensate pan.

Clogged Trap

The A/C’s condensate drain system is designed to convey a lot of water out of your home. It’s a simple process that, in many cooling systems, totally relies on gravity for condensation to drip into the condensate pan and flow through the drain line. The system works well if it’s maintained. If maintenance is lacking, the drain trap can accumulate dirt, grime, mold and algae. Soon, water will overflow the condensate pan.

Failing Parts

The components of a typical A/C drain system are the condensate pan, drain line and trap, floor drain, a backup condensate pan and a float switch or condensate pump. Because trap blockages are common, there’s a backup condensate drain pan. If water spills over the primary condensate pan, it falls into the backup pan if the air conditioner has one; not all A/C systems do.

Additionally, if one or both pans are damaged due to issues like corrosion or cracking, you’re going to get your hands wet at best or suffer water damage to your home at worst. A faulty float switch or condensate pump can cause problems with water spillage, too. When water accumulates in the backup pan, one of these components shuts down the A/C to prevent overflow.

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