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Stop Doing These 3 Things to Your Yuma Air Conditioner

Stop Doing These 3 Things to Your Yuma Air ConditionerIf you want your air conditioner to last its full expected life span of 12-15 years and deliver on the manufacturer’s performance and efficiency specs, there may be a few things you need to stop doing to your air conditioner. The list of “don’ts” includes items that can shorten major component service life and increase operating costs. Your system is designed to provide reliable comfort and energy efficiency, so make sure you aren’t defeating the purpose. Check out this short list of things to stop doing to your air conditioner.

Neglecting the Air Filter

Optimum airflow is one of the most important system parameters. Once airflow drops below specs, a Pandora’s box of performance and efficiency issues opens up. The most common reason for low airflow is a dirty or clogged filter. Stop running the air conditioner with low airflow by replacing the filter monthly during cooling season. Multi-packs of filters are economical to purchase and the procedure is a simple DIY task that only takes a minute.

Constantly Resetting the Thermostat

Every time you move the thermostat setting up or down, you interrupt the air conditioner’s natural rhythm. Changing settings adds extra on/off cycles and increases wear on expensive components like the compressor and blower. It also won’t cool a warm house any faster than simply letting the air conditioner run its regular cycle and reach the present thermostat setting. Make up your mind on a comfortable temperature and stick with it.

Over-Stressing the System

The air conditioner is engineered to move a finite amount of British thermal units (BTUs) out of your house over a fixed period of time at a specific outdoor temperature. Trying to push beyond those parameters causes extreme wear and tear, early system failure and sky-high cooling costs. Habits like carelessly leaving doors and windows open on a hot day while running the A/C full blast, or trying to keep the indoors at 55 degrees when it’s 102 outside could outstrip the mechanical capacity of the unit.

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