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3 Tips for Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Fall

3 Tips for Preparing Your Air Conditioner for FallOnce the worst of the summer heat has passed, it’s time to tend to the air conditioner before turning it off for the winter. It’s probably the hardest-working appliance you own, and the one that makes enduring a Yuma summer possible. The maintenance you perform and professional service will prolong its lifetime and energy efficiency.

  1. Check and change the air filter. After months of heavy use, it’s a good idea to check the air filter and replace it if it’s dirty. The A/C will run more efficiently should you need to run it if temperatures heat up unexpectedly. The air handler for central air conditioners typically houses the heating components for the furnace, and when you start the winter with a clean filter, your home will heat faster.
  2. Clean the outdoor condenser. Summer dust storms and strong winds during the fall can coat the outdoor condenser coil with dirt and grime. After clearing away the weeds and vegetation from all sides of the condenser, use the hose to rinse the coils off. Keep the water pressure minimal, since the coils often have thin metal fins that could bend under pressure. The coil and fins dissipate the heat from the refrigerant, and when they’re dirty or bent, they don’t lose the heat as quickly.
  3. Have it professionally serviced. Instead of waiting for spring for expert maintenance, schedule it during the fall. HVAC contractors have more time during the off-season since there are fewer calls for air conditioner service.The service includes a complete examination of the indoor and outdoor equipment, and the HVAC pro may turn up issues that affect home heating as well as cooling. The air handler’s blower motor may need adjustment or lubricating. The belts might require tightening or replacing. Fall is also a good time to consider replacing your air conditioning system if the HVAC pro finds that your system is near the end of its lifetime.

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