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Dealing With Hot and Cold Spots? Use These Tips to Manage Them

Dealing With Hot and Cold Spots? Use These Tips to Manage ThemHot and cold spots are common in the average home and can cause discomfort and higher energy bills. Finding lasting solutions can be frustrating, but there are simple ways to solve this problem in your home. Closing vents to manipulate temperatures may seem like a practical solution, but it actually disrupts airflow and stresses the HVAC system. Adjusting the thermostat typically doesn’t work since it only reads temperatures in one area. If you’re tired of dealing with hot and cold spots and high energy bills, consider these common causes and solutions.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help circulate air more evenly. Even though they may only help to relieve a larger underlying problem, they should still be used to save energy and enhance comfort during the cooling and heating months.

Window Treatments

Windows are generally the weak spot in a home’s envelope. Uneven temperatures may be caused by heat gain/loss due to sun orientation and air infiltration. Seal windows with caulk and weatherstripping. Use window treatments, such as insulated drapes, shades and awnings, to substantially reduce heat gain/loss.

Duct Repair

The air ducts bear the responsibility of conveying cooled and heated airflow throughout your home. The average home is plagued by poor duct design and duct leaks, which create uneven airflow and higher energy bills. Duct leaks and loose and fallen ducts are characterized by rattling and uneven air pressure from the vents. Seal ducts with mastic and metal tape.

Balanced Airflow

Balanced airflow throughout the home is necessary to enjoy even temperatures from room to room. Something as simple as a closed door can block airflow to return grilles and contribute to air pressure imbalances.

Jumper ducts, door transfers and transfer grilles are effective solutions to allow supply air to flow freely back to the return grilles. Balanced air pressure also helps your cooling and heating systems work more efficiently.

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