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Here’s What You Need to Know about Ductless Mini Splits

Here's What You Need to Know about Ductless Mini SplitsThere are many reasons why you may need a supplemental or replacement air conditioning system. Though, you may have already concluded that choosing a system just right for your needs isn’t always an easy task. Before you make a decision that your pocketbook and energy budget will regret, take a look at the versatile ductless mini-split system. Here’s why.

Ductless Basics

Ductless mini splits are basically smaller versions of your central air system. Ductless systems are available as cooling-specific units or as heat pumps that provide cooling and heating. While ductless systems use the same refrigeration principles as your central air or heat pump, they utilize much smaller components.

Rather than a large outdoor cabinet sitting next to your home, the outdoor unit of a ductless system is small enough to be mounted to your home’s exterior wall, on the rooftop or simply mounted to a firm surface, such as paver stones.

Only a small hole is needed through the exterior wall of your home to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor air handling unit (AHU). The AHUs are sleek in design and contain the evaporator, filters, sensors and condensate pan.

Multiple Mounting Options

The most popular type of mounting for the AHU is a high wall mounting. With a low-profile design, the AHU may also be mounted to the ceiling or floor. Additionally, you may conceal the AHU inside floor, wall and ceiling cavities.

When and Where To Go Ductless

Ductless mini splits offer a practical zone cooling and heating solution when and where other systems don’t quite fit your needs. Following are common applications for going ductless:

  • New additions and retrofits: Install a ductless unit rather than extending air ducts, which burdens existing HVAC systems.
  • Home offices: Find yourself at home a lot? Mini splits offer zoned air conditioning so you don’t have to cool and heat your entire home when unnecessary.
  • Pool and guest houses: Offer guests superior comfort by going ductless in your pool or guest house.

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