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Use these Tips to Save Money and Increase Energy Efficiency this Season

Use these Tips to Save Money and Increase Energy Efficiency this SeasonHome energy efficiency is an important factor to homeowners in every season, especially when it becomes necessary to turn on the home’s heating equipment. Here are some ways you can keep your home energy efficient this season, conserving energy and saving money on your ongoing expenses.

  • Call for HVAC maintenance: Set up a preventive maintenance appointment with your local HVAC services provider. Regular maintenance will keep your heating and cooling systems working properly and efficiently throughout their seasons. The technician will be able to make minor repairs and adjustments that sustain system function and keep the equipment working at its best for many years.
  • Increase insulation: Insulation helps prevent heat flow, which means it will keep heat out during the hotter months and in during the cooler periods. Most often, batt or blanket insulation is appropriate for use between beams and joists in walls, floors, ceilings and foundations. Foam insulation or loose-fill insulation can be used in other areas that may be harder to reach with standard insulation.
  • Seal air leaks: Find and seal air leaks in your home’s structure. This will prevent the loss of hundreds of dollars of conditioned air in all seasons. Seal gaps, cracks, holes and other openings with caulk. Look for leaks in areas around door and window frames, at points where pipes or wires come through the walls and in locations where the foundation or attic floor makes contact with the home’s frame.
  • Check and seal the ductwork: All of the air produced by your HVAC equipment travels through the ductwork, so any problems in this network of pipes will result in significant energy and money loss. Ensure all segments of ductwork are fitted tightly together and that all connections are sealed with mastic or metal tape.

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