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Maintenance Tips for Home Heat Pumps

Maintenance Tips for Home Heat PumpsIn Yuma’s warm climate, a heat pump is one of the most efficient ways to stay comfortable. To maintain your system’s efficiency, though, you’ll need to stay on top of maintenance.

DIY Heat Pump Care

Neglecting heat pump maintenance can cause a significant drop in efficiency. One of the most important steps to prevent this is simply changing the air filter on schedule. A dirty filter impairs airflow, cutting your system’s efficiency and stressing the components.

As a rule, check your filter monthly and replace it if it’s accumulated a layer of dust. Usually, thin fiberglass filters should be replaced monthly. Higher-efficiency pleated filters can last up to three months and also protect your system from debris more effectively.

Debris on the outdoor unit impairs airflow. Twice a year, use a stiff brush to remove dirt, leaves, and grass clippings stuck to the unit’s exterior fins. Remove the unit’s top and use a wet-vac to vacuum out debris from the inside. With a gentle stream of water from a garden hose, spray down the fins from the inside out.

Even a few millimeters of dust on your indoor evaporator coil reduces its efficiency by interfering with the component’s ability to extract heat. A moderately dusty evaporator coil can be cleaned with aerosol spray foaming coil cleaner. A heavily dusty or rusted coil requires professional care.

Essential Professional Care

At least once a year, schedule a professional inspection and cleaning for your system. A technician can clean components you can’t reach and correct minor efficiency-reducing problems before they cause any major issues.

For example, loose wires you may not even notice create electrical resistance that reduces the system’s efficiency, stresses the components, and poses a fire hazard.

During a routine maintenance inspection, your technician will clean the blower fan assembly, tighten loose wires and connections, measure for correct airflow and refrigerant charge, and test the thermostat and safety controls, among other tasks.

If your heat pump is due for a professional inspection, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company in the Yuma area.

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