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Air Balancing: What it is

Air Balancing: What it isDoes your HVAC system’s airflow run at peak efficiency? Does it distribute air evenly throughout your home? Many systems suffer air losses of up to 50 percent. This wastes energy and makes it difficult to make your home comfortable. What’s the solution? Air balancing.

Air balancing has been practiced since the early 18th century, when a French engineer invented a way of measuring fluid pressure. Since then, it has evolved considerably, and is used to find problems in your home’s airflow.

The process begins with an inspection of your home to ensure that air is being delivered properly to every room. When balancing your air, an HVAC technician will first test the system’s static pressure. This will help to identify any leaks, blockage, or other airflow issues. Then, by making adjustments to the vents, ductwork, and dampers, the technician can balance air supply with air return, to ensure maximum comfort.

Do you need air balancing in your home? Signs to look for include:

  • Disparate temperatures between rooms
  • Spots that are regularly too hot or too cold
  • An HVAC system that seems to be wearing out too quickly
  • High energy bills

You should also have your air balanced whenever you buy new HVAC equipment, or if you’re making changes to your home such as adding extra rooms or new windows.

With a more balanced and efficient airflow throughout your home, your HVAC system will be able to maintain a better level of comfort, while at the same time saving you energy and ultimately lasting longer. Talk to your HVAC company and see if balancing your air would benefit your home.

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