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How Does a Dirty Furnace Coil Affect My HVAC System?

How Does a Dirty Furnace Coil Affect My HVAC System?Nearly all homes in the Yuma area have central, forced-air HVAC systems that are either heat pumps or use gas furnaces for heating and an air conditioner for cooling. Dirty coils in either type affect the HVAC system by:

  • Increasing energy bills. The furnace coil, also called the evaporator coil, carries the refrigerant that air conditioners and heat pumps use to cool and heat. When the coil is covered with dust or mold, the air the blower fan sends over the coil slows and it takes the system longer to heat or cool the home. Energy usage and cost rises in proportion to the increased running time.
  • Slowing heat exchange rates. In the case of a heat pump, a dirty furnace coil increases the amount of time it will take to exchange the heat from the refrigerant with the cool air the blower sends over the coil. A gas pack HVAC system uses a separate heat exchanger for heat transfer, and the rate of heat transfer will only be affected by the reduced airflow through the system.
  • Wearing parts faster. Longer running times and lower airflow increase the wear on the parts inside the air handler. In the cooling mode, if the airflow is too low, the furnace or evaporator coil may freeze over, which sets the stage for compressor failure, essential for a heat pump and the air conditioner.
  • Reducing air quality. If mold grows on the coil, the spores will enter your home’s air via the ductwork and spread throughout your home.

The easiest way to prevent a dirty coil is to check the condition of the air filter monthly and change it when it’s dirty. In many cases, the coil is only accessible to HVAC professionals, which makes annual professional maintenance critical.

A dirty furnace coil increases energy consumption, lowers comfort, and increases the risk of premature breakdowns, all of which are avoidable. To learn more, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing trusted HVAC solutions for Yuma homeowners.

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