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Preventive HVAC Maintenance: A Worthwhile Investment

Preventive HVAC Maintenance: A Worthwhile InvestmentUnderstanding the consequences of not scheduling regular preventive HVAC maintenance is perhaps the best way to understand the importance of annual (or semi-annual) maintenance. So what happens when your furnace, heat pump or A/C doesn’t get routine maintenance?

  • You’ll have higher energy bills — When heating and cooling equipment isn’t cleaned and lubricated, the moving parts must work against more friction during operation. This will hasten deterioration and failure. Fuel won’t combust as cleanly in your furnace when burners are dirty and clogged. In heat pumps and air conditioners, heat exchange coils will get coated in dirt and debris, impeding heat exchange. Airflow will be compromised when filters get clogged with dust. Your HVAC equipment will have to work harder and consume more energy to overcome these issues. You’ll see higher energy bills.
  • Reduced comfort — When your HVAC system isn’t properly maintained, your comfort will suffer. When the equipment has to work harder to deliver conditioned air throughout your home, there’s more likely to be hot and cold spots. When ductwork is leaking, for example, conditioned air will leak out before arriving at its destination. Heating and cooling systems that receive little, if any, maintenance don’t control humidity very well.
  • More repairs — Just like any other type of machinery, HVAC equipment that’s not regularly maintained will become more prone to failure. Ultimately, poorly-maintained heating and cooling systems have shorter service lives.
  • Safety hazards — Regular preventive HVAC maintenance is necessary to minimize safety hazards from operating combustion appliances and systems that use toxic refrigerant. A professional inspection will uncover these issues before they endanger your family.
  • Poor air quality. Heating and cooling equipment that’s operating smoothly and efficiently will do a better job of cleaning indoor air. A/C coils that aren’t kept clean can become breeding areas for mold and bacteria, for example, and dirty ducts can contaminate conditioned air moving through them.
  • You risk voiding warranties. Many HVAC systems require regular documented maintenance in order to keep the warranty in effect.

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