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Try These Methods to Control Pollutants in Your Household

Try These Methods to Control Pollutants in Your HouseholdToday’s airtight homes are at risk for a buildup of indoor air pollutants. Whether you’re one of the many Yuma residents who’s experienced worsening allergies in recent years or you just want to protect your health, there are many ways to reduce air pollutants in your home.

Promote Good Airflow

Run your bathroom or kitchen ventilation fans while you’re taking a shower or cooking and for around 15 minutes afterward. This draws out odors and built up humidity that encourages mold growth. Don’t keep them running for hours, though, or you’ll pull in more humidity than you let out. For a persistent humidity problem, a dehumidifier is a better option. Have a timer switch installed for your exahsut fan, then you don’t have to remember to shut it off.

The airtight nature of recently built and well air sealed homes is great for energy efficiency, but it restricts airflow into and out of the house. A whole-house ventilation system counteracts this effect. An energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, can provide air circulation throughout your whole home with minimal energy loss.

Clean Up the Contaminants

Clean surfaces promote clean air. Place mats in front of your doors to avoid tracking in dust, pollen, and other air contaminants. Once a week, dust with a microfiber cloth, then use a HEPA-filter vacuum to clean your floors and soft furniture.

Invest in air filters that have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) between 5 and 12. These filters are efficient enough to improve your indoor air quality, which less efficient filters can’t do. If you have allergies, choose a filter with a MERV of 11 or 12. A filter more efficient than this can interfere with airflow, so consult with a heating and cooling technician before installing one.

To control the pollutants filters miss, consider an air cleaner. Some air cleaner models are designed to target specific contaminants. Electronic air cleaners trap the tiny particles that slip through filters. UVGI air purifiers neutralize microbes such as bacteria and mold spores. Other air cleaning systems combine purification methods to control many types of contaminants.

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