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Spring Forward with HVAC Tasks

Spring Forward with HVAC TasksIt’s almost time for other states to spring forward into Daylight Saving Time once again. That means that the official beginning of spring is only a few days away, Before the temperatures get hot this year, it’s you should take the following springtime preparation steps to get your cooling system ready.

Call for preventive maintenance — The most important thing you can do to get your air conditioner or heat pump ready is to call your local trusted HVAC professional for a preventive maintenance appointment. Your HVAC pro can make adjustments and minor repairs to your system to ensure it will work at its best and most efficient throughout the cooling season. He should also inspect the ductwork system for loose sections or damaged ducts. Remember that regular maintenance will also increase the expected lifespan of your HVAC equipment.

Test the equipment — Before your HVAC technician arrives to conduct maintenance, test your cooling system by turning it on and making sure it produces cool air. Note any problems and tell your HVAC pro about them before he starts his maintenance routine.

Clean the outside unit — Take the time to clean the outdoor unit of your cooling system. Remove any accumulations of grass, leaves, sticks, mud, or other material that could clog the vents and reduce airflow. Wipe down the cabinet with a mild cleaner or water and detergent solution.

Change the air filter — Put a new air filter in the HVAC system so that you start cooling season with a fresh, clean filter. Air filters provide your first line of defense against airborne particulates and pollutants by capturing and holding these materials. They are also important to maintaining airflow within the HVAC system. Dirty, clogged filters not only reduce your HVAC system’s performance, they can also lead to damaged components.

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