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How Does Each HVAC System Component Work Together?

How Does Each HVAC System Component Work Together?In today’s modern homes, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are typically combined into one forced-air system. This offers homeowners many benefits, such as lower maintenance costs, low-profile design and potentially better efficiency. Also, understanding how HVAC system components work together can be a benefit if you want to maximize comfort in your Yuma home.

HVAC System Components

Most homes in the Yuma area use a heat pump or a furnace and A/C for heating and cooling. The ventilation component working in conjunction with your heating and cooling systems is the ductwork system. Together, these components keep your home comfortable.

The basic operation of these HVAC system components is relatively simple. Whether using your heating or cooling system, the conditioned airflow is blown through supply ducts to your home. The same blower pulls indoor air through the living spaces and back into the return ducts.

Return airflow is continually heated or cooled and pushed back through the supply ducts. When indoor air reaches your thermostat settings mark, the heating or cooling system turns off.

Maintaining Peak Efficiency

It’s equally important, if not more so, to know when your HVAC system components are not working together in coordination as it is to know the basic HVAC workings. Following are some snafus you may encounter:

  • Poor cooling — Maintaining clean components is essential, and necessary, to achieve maximum cooling (and heating) efficiency. A dirty evaporator coil blocks heat extraction from indoor air. Additionally, the outdoor cabinet of your A/C system should be kept clean and clear of debris to allow for ample air movement.
  • Poor heating — Many Yuma homeowners use heat pumps for cooling and heating. If this is the case in your home, the same cleanliness rules for the evaporator coil hold true during the heating months.
  • Uneven temperatures — Almost nothing can disrupt the smooth operation of your HVAC system like leaky ducts or poorly designed ducts. Ask your HVAC professional to inspect them on their next visit.

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