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Guidelines for Attic Safety

Guidelines for Attic SafetySummers in Yuma are scorchers, so if you’ve got a project that needs doing in the attic, get busy now before temperatures soar. Attic temperatures can reach roasting point even when temperatures are just moderate outdoors, so be mindful of overheating in any season. Hot temperatures are just one aspect of attic safety, however. Here are some tips to keep in mind whether it’s you or a contractor working in your attic.


Yuma residents probably don’t need reminding to keep hydrated, but that goes double when you’re working in the attic.

Cover Up

Dressing in a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and even some kind of protective outer clothing may sound over the top for your attic project, but it’s a good idea. You want to protect your skin from contact with insulation and other irritants, as well as exposure to protruding pieces of metal, like sharp edges and nails. Also plan to don safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes, and a dust mask or even respirator so you don’t inhale pollutants. At minimum, wear a baseball cap to keep debris from falling onto your face and into your eyes.

Watch Where You Step

If your attic has an unfinished floor, you should avoid stepping off joists onto the ceiling, wires, pipes and ductwork by placing plywood boards across the joists to walk on. Make sure wherever you step, the board has three points of contact.

Keep Cooler With Ventilation

If you have some kind of exhaust ventilation in the attic, run it so you’ll stay cooler. Or, haul up a portable fan. As with any appliance with a power cord, be mindful where they are so you don’t trip over them.

Shine Some Light

Even if you have a light in the attic, you may need additional illumination from a flashlight or safety light to shine in corners or behind stored items.

We can suggest additional attic safety tips to create a more secure environment for you or anyone you hire to do an attic project. Contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company of Yuma.

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