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Find Out Why Your Air Vents are Noisy

Find Out Why Your Air Vents are NoisyStaying comfortable in Yuma’s hot, dry climate means running your air conditioner for much of the year, so noisy air vents can quickly become an annoyance. If you have vents like this, there are ways to solve the problem.

Whining Noises

One of the most common noises air vents produce is a high-pitched whining sound. This is caused by restricted airflow, so first make sure your air filter is clean, and that your vents are open and not blocked by furniture or other items.

If those issues aren’t the cause, chances are your home has too few return air ducts. When the system is forced to pull in return air through just one or two ducts, the pressure and velocity of the air in these ducts increases, creating a whining or whistling noise. Installing more return air ducts can reduce the noise and improve your system’s energy efficiency.

Undersized ducts are another possibility. When your ducts are too small for your air conditioner or furnace, the resulting air pressure in the ducts creates noise. To eliminate this cause of noisy air vents, your ducts can be replaced with properly sized ones.

Rattling Noises

Rattling, clattering, flapping, and similar noises coming out of your air vents suggest there’s something got sucked inside the duct. This could be a loose screw, a piece of insulation or an object that was dropped into the vent, such as a child’s toy.

If you hear the noise at just one vent, you may be able to find and remove the obstruction. Remove the vent cover and use a flashlight to inspect the duct behind it for any foreign objects you can reach and remove. If you don’t see anything, call in a technician to inspect your ducts. A technician will use a video camera on a cable to reach parts of your ductwork you couldn’t otherwise see. You’ll also learn if you have any dust, mold or pest infestation problems in your ducts.

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