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Tips for Storm Season Preparation

Tips for Storm Season PreparationLosing your home’s cooling system due to weather damage during the monsoon might be avoidable with storm preparation that focuses on risk reduction for the outdoor condenser. The condenser houses critical parts for your air conditioner or heat pump and it’s vulnerable to damage from power surges and wind damage.

Power Surges

Lightening strikes and strong winds often knock out the power, and the power may surge through the lines as the crews restore it. These spikes can cause serious damage to any of the electronic parts of your HVAC system. Surges also occur even in good weather. Experts estimate that the typical home experiences 300 power surges annually.

It’s worth investing in whole-house or individual surge protection for the major appliances and electronics in your home to protect them around the clock. Licensed electricians can install them at point-of-use or inside the circuit breaker box. Losing your cooling system during the summer not only causes discomfort, it can adversely affect your health.

In lieu of surge protection, teach your family members old enough how to turn off the power to the HVAC system and other valuable appliances at the circuit breaker box whenever a storm rolls in.

Wind Damage

Monsoon storms can produce winds easily in excess of 50 miles per hour, putting the condenser at risk for tipping or being hit with tree limbs or other flying debris. Tying down or enclosing the condenser is essential for storm preparation.

  • Your contractor can tie the condenser down using hurricane straps to keep it from tipping or blowing over. Extensive damage to the condenser could force you to replace the entire system.
  • Your HVAC contractor can install an open steel cage over the condenser that won’t block the air circulation around it and will prevent unauthorized access.
  • Place a tarp around the condenser and use bungee cords if a strong storm is forecast to prevent wind damage.

Storm preparation for the monsoon season protects your cooling system, your home’s most valuable appliance in the summer. For more information, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric, providing HVAC services for Yuma-area homeowners.

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