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Energy-Efficient Windows Help You Save Money and Energy

Energy-Efficient Windows Help You Save Money and EnergyNatural light brightens a room and adds warmth in winter. However, solar heat gain can make cooling bills soar in summer. Energy-efficient windows can cut costs and keep your home more comfortable through all seasons. Here are tips for choosing the right types for your Yuma home.

The Glass

Regular window glass allows significant heat transfer in and out of your home. Glass made to energy-efficient standards are better at keeping the heat out in summer and keeping warmth in during winter.

Here are a few terms that will help you when shopping:

  • Low-E — This stands for low-emissive window glazing. Low-E glass has a special microscopic coating that reduces heat transfer. This helps your home stay cooler in summer.
  • Double-Glazed — This is just another term for double-paned windows. They provide more insulation than traditional single-panes. In addition, many are filled with an insulating gas in the space between the panes.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) —? This indicates how much heat will enter through glass. A low number means less heat enters than through a window with a higher SHGC.
  • U-Value — This indicates how well a window prevents heat loss. The lower this number, the better it is at preventing heat loss.

For efficient windows, look for double-glazed, low-E glass. To make the process simpler, narrow your search to windows that have the Energy Star label. This means the model has passed strict tests for energy-efficiency according to government guidelines.

The Frame and Design

Window frame material and design can add or detract from efficiency. Wood, wood-clad, fiberglass or vinyl frames are more insulating than metal frames.

The most energy-efficient designs are those that form a tight seal when the window is closed. These include casements, which are side-hinged; hopper-style, which are bottom-hinged; and awning, which are top-hinged. Sliding, single- or double-hung windows have a higher potential for air leakage, which reduces energy efficiency because of heat loss and heat gain.

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