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Don’t Forget to Protect Your HVAC System While You’re Remodeling

Don't Forget to Protect Your HVAC System While You're RemodelingIf you are starting a remodeling project, you’ve probably thought about how much dust you’ll have inside your house. What you may not have considered is how much dust will get into your HVAC system.

Any time you get dust in machinery like your HVAC system, you have the potential for trouble. Machines are usually made to operate as smoothly as possible to avoid wear. Dust interrupts the smooth operation, clogs motors, and creates potentially expensive problems.

What’s the best strategy for reducing the amount of dust in your HVAC system?

  1. Cover vents before you start the project to keep dust out. This is especially important if you have floor vents. Not only do the collect the dust in the air, but debris can fall into them during the course of the job.
  2. Consider keeping the system off during the remodeling project. While it’s running, the HVAC system will pull air (and dust) up into the ducts and machinery. If you can shut your system off or run it a minimal amount, that will help reduce the amount of dust that gets in. A special note: if you do run the system, you’ll want to leave some vents uncovered for air flow. Just try to cover the ones in the work areas if possible.
  3. Clean your air filters. When you’re not remodeling, you can typically change your filter every one to three months. During a remodel, you should change it roughly every two weeks if you’re using your HVAC system. Dust in the air will still coat the filter even if the system isn’t in use. Because of that, you’ll want to change the filter when the remodeling job is over.

One additional concern you should keep in mind when planning a remodel: structural changes to your house can affect how your HVAC system delivers air. Be sure to check with your HVAC contractor before starting a structural remodel or if your remodel will affect any part of your HVAC system.

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