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Here’s Why Insulation is Important During Summer

Here's Why Insulation is Important During SummerIt seems like a never-ending battle — you against the summer heat. If you turn down your thermostat to a comfortable level, your utility bill suffers. If you turn the thermostat up to save electricity, you suffer.

The good news is, you have an ally in the war against summer heat — insulation. Yes, that stuff you add to your home to keep your heated air inside during the winter also works to keep hot air out in the summer. The result? You stay cooler and your utility bill stays somewhat reasonable.

Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of insulation:


These numbers are on the label of all insulation that you buy. They’re based on the materials used to make the insulation as well as its denseness and thickness. Higher R-values mean more insulating power. However, they also mean more cost, so check with your HVAC contractor to find the right range for your home.

Types of Insulation

If you’ve ever crawled around in an insulated attic, you probably encountered either loose-fill or blanket insulation. These are the most common types, popular because they’re reasonably inexpensive and also reasonably easy to install.

Foam insulation is another option. It comes in rigid slabs or in an injectable foam. The injectable type of foam insulation, like loose-fill, works well for awkward spaces. It has an added advantage that it doesn’t compact over time.


The first step in adding insulation isn’t about insulation at all. It’s about air leaks. Try to find and seal any areas where air or water are coming in. This will not only help prevent the loss of your conditioned air, but it will also help keep your insulation in good shape and mold-free.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes time to install your insulation. If at any point you’re not sure what type of insulation to choose or how to install it, remember we’re here to help.

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