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How to Deal With Condensate Drain Issues

How to Deal With Condensate Drain IssuesOne minor HVAC issue that can easily become a major one is a clogged condensate drain. Many homeowners aren’t aware that their air conditioner produces water that has to be drained off — at least, not until the drain backs up and water damage occurs.

The good news is, this type of drain clog is not difficult to avoid. Let’s start by looking at what condensate drains do and how they can get clogged.

What is a Condensate Drain?

Most people are familiar with the process of condensation. When warm air hits a cold surface, water forms. This process also happens as your air conditioner is cooling your home. When ambient-temperature air is blown over the cold evaporator coils in your air conditioning unit, condensation is created. It drips into a drip pan, which catches the water and funnels it into a drain that takes it outside.

Like most drains, clogs can happen in a condensate drain. When they do, water stops draining. The drip pan overflows, and before you know it, you have water damage. To make matters worse, the drip pan is usually in the attic or another out of the way location, so you may not know it is overflowing until it is too late.

What Causes Clogged Drains?

  1. Wet conditions causing mold and mildew growth. When there’s slow-flowing water, especially water that never gets hot, you have the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Overgrowths can develop if the drain isn’t cleaned periodically.
  2. Debris in the environment blocking the drain or drain trap. Debris can collect whenever there’s dust or other particles in the air.

How Can Clogged Drains Be Avoided?

Air filters are your first line of defense for reducing the number of particles in the air. Change them regularly for the most protection.

Cleaning your condensate drain yearly will also help reduce or completely eliminate clogs. Yearly maintenance checkups typically include drain inspection and cleaning as needed.

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