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Here’s What You Need to Know About Two-Stage Cooling

Here's What You Need to Know About Two-Stage CoolingIf you want to replace your current air conditioner, you should start by doing research on the different types available and finding the best fit for your home. One type worth considering is a two-stage cooling system. It can help you experience better comfort and energy efficiency.

How Does a Two-Stage Cooling System Work?

A two-stage air conditioner has a compressor that operates at two levels: high and low. It can function at either of the speeds depending on how warm your home is. On scorching days, it will run at the higher speed and on milder days, it will run at the lower speed, which is about 67 percent. That is unlike a standard, single-stage system that operates at only one speed.

What are Its Benefits?

A two-stage system delivers the following advantages:

  • Improved efficiency – A two-stage system usually operates at its lower speed most of the time. As a result, it consumes less power than a single-speed system that always runs at its highest speed.
  • More consistent comfort – A single-stage air conditioning system cycles on and off frequently. When it’s off, your rooms can become uncomfortably hot and stuffy. A two-stage cooling system runs almost continuously, providing comfort that’s more consistent.
  • Better dehumidification – The continuous operation of a two-stage air conditioner provides enough time for the coils to dehumidify your household air. The on-off cycling of a single-stage system doesn’t provide sufficient time for the dehumidification of air.
  • Longer lifespan – On-off cycling subjects an A/C compressor to wear and tear. The compressor of a two-stage system cycles on and off less frequently than a single-stage compressor, so it lasts longer.
  • Quiet operation – Because of its longer cooling cycles, a two-stage unit has a quieter operation in comparison to a single-stage unit.

While a single-stage system costs less initially, a two-stage system is a more attractive option if you want to maximize comfort and energy savings in the long run. For more information on a two-stage cooling system, please contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We serve the Yuma area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Yuma, Arizona about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about two-stage cooling and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Guide or call us at 928-723-3183.

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